Civilian Instructors Course

Krav Maga is taking the world by storm right now. Get on board and become a Krav Maga I.K.M Instructor so that you can open your own Krav Maga I.K.M classes or start your own Krav Maga I.K.M school.
And to be the best, you need to learn from the best. With Haim running the course, you’ll be learning from the VERY best. He is indisputably one of the most incredible Krav Maga and martial arts expert in the world so imagine doing a course with him. If you want to excel in Krav Maga, this is the man you want coaching you.
You will learn the best pure Krav Maga straight from the source in Israel, including Krav Maga principles, techniques and fighting tactics. You will also learn Krav Maga I.K.M’s teaching and training methodology, and strategies for managing and marketing your own services or school from experienced instructors who have grown their own schools.
The course consists of more than 180 hours of intensive training, conducted over a series of intensive parts. We offer a variety of formats for our Civil Instructors Course to accommodate the needs of Krav Maga students around the world. The most popular and most commonly conducted option is a course conducted over three parts os around 6-9 days per part, conducted within two months. This allows participants to be instructed by two or more of Krav Maga I.K.M’s world class Instructors. (In some locations such as Australia, we conduct the course in 2 parts of 11-12 days per part.)
A comprehensive and professional course manual and curriculum are provided to all course participants prior to the course starting so that you have time to prepare.
This is a physically and mentally intensive training program that will push you to your limits. A good of level of fitness and a base level of prior experience in a martial art or fighting system is recommended for you to succeed in this course.
To pass the course, participants must successfully pass all three elements of testing for the course:
1. A written test to test your understanding of Krav Maga principles
2. A practical teaching test to test your ability to follow the Krav Maga teaching methodology
3. A technical test to the level of Graduate 1.
Krav Maga I.K.M instructors are provided with the Krav Maga I.K.M curriculum, testing forms, logo pack, photo gallery and marketing collateral, access to exclusive areas of the Krav Maga I.K.M website, access to purchase Krav Maga I.K.M equipment and uniforms and promotion on Krav Maga I.K.M’s website and social media.
Krav Maga I.K.M courses are exclusive to Krav Maga I.K.M members so membership is mandatory. You will also be required to sign our Krav Maga I.K.M Instructors Agreement and abide by our Regulations and Code of Conduct.